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Have A Question?

Chances are someone else has asked your question before! Take a look at some of the more common questions we get and see our response below. Hopefully we’ve answered it thoroughly.

If you have a question that sits outside of the below, please contact us via the contact page!

Do I Need ID?


Physical Legal Australian ID (no photos of ID)

Australian Drivers License

Australian Learners Permit

Valid Keypass

Valid Proof of Age card

Valid Australian Passport


Physical Valid Passport Only. (no photo of passport)

Int’l Drivers License NOT accepted.

Entry is always up to the discretion of security and management on the day. For the safety of our patrons and the venue, we use ID scanners on the door.

Do You Have A Dress Code?

No bare feet. No shirtless. At anytime, on anyone, including minors.

  • Thursday we simply ask for non-offensive clothing, footwear and normal casual wear. Workwear is fine. No Eshay/bike club attire. No singlets after 6pm.
  • Friday/Saturday a casual dress code applies all day until 9pm; beyond 9pm a Smart Casual dress code applies. If you have any questions regarding the dress code please give us a call. Long or short collared shirts are fine, smart dressy street shoes or leathers, designer rips are fine in jeans and dress shorts. (No dirty scuffed shoes, no steel caps, no sports gear, no surf gear, no dodgy, baggy, wrinkly T-shirts; no crumpled shirts etc). No bumbags or eshay shoulder/side bags. No Eshay nonsense/Bike Club attire. No singlets after 6pm.
  • Sunday is normal casual day wear. Yes thongs are ok! But no sports/active wear, no work wear -trade/hi vis/steel caps etc, no singlets or tank tops. No swim wear. No crocs. No bumbags/shoulder/side bags. No Eshay/bike club attire.

Tattoos? No face tattoos or offensive tattoos. Head tattoos not recommended.

Are There Age Restrictions?

  • For the majority of the week, any functions or dinner bookings the age limit is 18+.
  • What about minors?The Deck est 2013 permits the entry of minors when in the company of their 18yo+ legal parent/guardian AND only when partaking in a meal/private function. Minors are not allowed on premise after 9pm any night. We strongly remind parents that small children require their constant supervision. Under no circumstance are minors permitted alcohol or to run around unattended.
  • Effective June 2023:
    • After 9pm Friday we aim for a 28+ crowd but 18+ are accepted
    • After 9pm Saturday night we aim for a 24+ crowd but 18+ are accepted
    • All other days of the week are 18+ (unless specified)
  • Please call if you have any queries

What About Birthday Parties?

We would love to help you celebrate your Birthday! How ever you want to celebrate it.

If you plan on having a low key lunch or dinner you can simply book a table HERE.

If you were planning on coming out on a Friday night you can join our BETTERDAYS Over28’s members HERE for 3 free drinkcards between 9pm-10.30pm on paid entry, access to $100 Birthday bar tabs and getting your friends in free!

If you planned on coming on Saturday night you can join us as a Deck VIP member HERE Our VIP members are entitled to drink cards, food options, free entry invites to special events all sorts of goodies that go beyond just your birthday.

If you wanted to go all out and reserve an exclusive space for a Special Birthday Function event, like your 30th, 40th or even your Centenary 100 not out, please contact us HERE.

We do not host 18ths, 21sts or Bucks Parties.

But we do host amazing BIRTHDAY BRUNCHEONS (for groups of 10+) only $79pp for 2hrs of food and drink and the BIRTHDAY GIRL/BOY is free!

Of course you can just pop in with a crew and celebrate informally too!

Can I bring a birthday cake and do you charge a cake fee?

Absolutely you can bring a cake!! What’s a birthday without a cake? And no way, we don’t charge a cake fee. Who does that?

Ideally, please call us directly so we can best assist making your Birthday a wonderful experience. We are here to help you celebrate your way!

Do I Need To Make A Booking?

Only for food/proper seated dining. (You can just walk in for drinks).

Don’t miss out! Book online HERE

We cannot guarantee seating on the deck – it’s first in best dressed 🙂

Do You Accept Credit Cards or PayWave?

We accept all major credit cards except Diners. A surcharge fee applies for all credit payments. We encourage Tap N Go, Paywave, ApplePay, etc to make bar service super fast 🙂

How do I start a bar tab?

We also encourage the use of Bar Tabs to keep our service as fast as possible. Bar Tabs are started with a valid Credit Card (not a Debit Card) and a valid driver’s license or passport.

Do You Have ATM’s?

Yes. We have two ATM’s on premise, one located at the top of the stairs in the restaurant and one is downstairs in the Main Bar.

Can I BYO?

The Deck est 2013 is a fully licensed venue with an extensive range of beer, cider, spirits, liqueurs and non-alcoholic beverages for you to explore and play with. However we are not a BYO venue.

Do We Cater To Dietary Requirements?

The Deck est 2013 takes the highest possible precautions when catering to dietary requirements and all care is taken during prep and service; however we cannot 100% guarantee the absence of egg, nut, soy, milk, sesame, wheat, fish, lupins, treenuts, mammalian meats or shellfish from anything produced in our kitchen. Serious or life threatening dietaries require a reservation and a minimum 24 hours notice prior to attending.

I Smoke. Do You Have A Space For Me?

We have a designated smoking area outside upstairs.

VAPING is considered SMOKING.

Do NOT vape or smoke indoors.

Do We Having Parking Nearby?

Yes we do. Behind us there is a council car park off Bay Lane (metered until 6pm Mon-Sat; free all day Sun) as well as parking around the Frankston Football Ground at Plowman Place. There is some strict time limited parking directly out the front on Nepean Hwy.

Are You Pet Friendly?

No animals are permitted on premise except Service/Assistance Dogs.

Emotional Support animals are not permitted.

Function Terms & Conditions

1. Tentative Bookings – A tentative booking will be held for
maximum of 7 days. If the booking is not confirmed with a deposit within
this period the function space may be released. Reasonable effort will be made to contact the organiser in this instance.
2. Confirmed Bookings – A booking will only be considered
confirmed once a security deposit of $300.00 has been
received AND a signed and fully completed copy of the
Function Booking Form has been received.
3. Function Cancellations – In the event of a function
cancellation, the following terms are acceptable:
• All cancellations must be in writing.
• 14 days notice or more from the proposed event
date: the deposit is refundable in full.
• Less than 7 days notice from the proposed event
date: both the deposit and all food costs are not
• N.B. Regardless of the cancellation notice, when
an event is cancelled, any costs incurred for a third
party contractor agreed by the event organiser,
which are not refundable, will be passed on to the
4. Pax variation – Any decrease in catering numbers in
excess of 20% less than 7 days prior to the event may
incur a nominal charge per person no longer attending.
5. Price variation – Every endeavour is made to maintain
all menu items and prices as quoted, but occasionally
these maybe subject to change due to rising costs,
product availability, unforeseen circumstance, pandemic, or at
management’s discretion. Please confirm all charges
and costs prior to booking. Historical prices are not
6. Finalisation of Booking – Food and beverage selections,
pax numbers, starting/finishing times and any additional
requirements MUST be confirmed in writing 7 days prior
to the event date. This will be your “Guaranteed Number
of Guests”. Charges will be based on the Guaranteed
Number of Guests. There are no refunds available should
the number of guests decrease. Additional respective
charges will be incurred should this number increase, or
if more guests are present on the event date.
7. Final Payment – The event will not proceed unless
payment has been received by The Deck a MINIMUM of 7 days
before the event date. Company cheques are accepted
once prior approval has been given by The Deck,
assuming clearance at least 14 days before the event
date. Any remaining charges (e.g. Bar Tabs) must be
settled at the conclusion of the event. The Deck will
not invoice after the event date.
8. Bar Service – Management reserves the right to refuse
beverage service to ANY patron as per Responsible
Service of Alcohol guidelines and obligations.
9. Photography/Recording of the function – We can
assist you with sourcing venue photographers/
videographers. Prior permission is required for
photography, sound or video recording of events or
guests at The Deck. Any costs will be passed onto the
10. Entertainment – The Deck is able to organise
entertainment if required. The cost will be passed onto
the client. If the organiser wishes to provide their
own entertainment this must be confirmed at least 14
days prior with The Deck management for appropriate
load in times, etc.
11. Insurance/Loss or Damage – The function organiser
is responsible for the replacement or repair costs for
any property damage or fitting damage to The Deck by
their guests before, during or after attending a function.
The Deck does not accept any responsibility for damage
to or loss of any property left on the premises before,
during or after a function. The Deck recommends that
the organiser arranges appropriate insurance cover. If
damage occurs during the event you and/or any number of your
guests may be removed from the premises immediately.
12. Decorations – ANY AND ALL decorations and the way
they will be hung and/or placed in the venue will need to
have prior management approval. Any decorations to
be returned must be explained during set up. Anything
left behind will be assumed to be disposable. See the
above point regarding Damage/Loss/Insurance.
13. Food & Beverage – No food or beverage are to be brought
on premise or consumed on premise without explicit permission from The Deck
14. Security Guard – The Deck will provide any security
required for your event. This is not negotiable. This cost
will be passed onto the client. 2 guards are required for
the first 100 guests and 1 additional guard for every 100
guests thereafter.
15. Bookings are not taken for Bucks Nights, 18th’s or 21st’s.
16. Your security deposit will act as a bond which will be
refunded via EFT to your nominated bank account on the
Wednesday following your function date. Total refund
of the bond is subject to a site inspection in the 24hrs
following the event. Part of, or the entirety of, the bond
will be retained in the event of any damage caused,
excessive or unusual cleaning is demanded after your
function or your guests disturb other functions in

Do I Need Proof Of Vax/Vax Exemption Certificates?

No. Not any more. Just legal Australian photo ID as normal.